Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

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A Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that removes excess breast tissue and locates the breasts in a higher position on the chest. A breast lift helps women achieve a perkier, youthful-looking breast profile. Unfortunately, gravity is against us. Achievements in a woman’s life such as pregnancies, weight loss, and birthdays can lead to unwanted changes in the appearance of her breasts. A breast lift corrects ptosis, or sagging breast tissue and can be a major boost to your bustline–and your self-esteem!

Millard Plastic Surgery is committed to you and your results. Millard Plastic Surgery is a compassionate, double-board certified plastic surgeon who is dedicated to helping patients look and feel their very best. If you’re considering making a transformative change, visit our office for an informative consultation. Reach us at (303) 792-5665.

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About Ptosis

If things just aren’t where they used to be, you’re not alone. Mastopexies are in the top five cosmetic surgeries performed, and their popularity is on the rise.(1)  There are many factors that lead to changes in the structure of the breast tissue over the course of a woman’s life. As hormonal shifts cause the breast’s glandular tissue to swell and deflate, or changes in weight cause shifts in fat deposits, the skin that envelopes the breast tissue undergoes strain. With decreasing collagen and elastin levels, the skin has a limited ability to “snap back” and adapt to these changes. And, gravity takes its toll. Sagging, or ptosis, is a recognized condition, and has a formal scale for classifying the degrees of severity. 

Doctors recognize these levels of ptosis by looking at the shape and position of the breast, and how it relates to other anatomical landmarks. This includes the nipple and areola’s location on the breast mound. It also takes into consideration the lower pole of the breast, or the bottom half of the breast mass, and its relation to the inframammary crease, where the underside of the breast meets the torso.

When you come to your consultation, we will assess the degree of breast ptosis to make a customized treatment plan for you.

Degrees of Ptosis

  • Grade 1: (Mild) – This describes the nipple being at a slight deviation, and just below the inframammary fold.
  • Grade 2 (Moderate) – Patients with moderate ptosis have a nipple below the inframammary crease, but still above the lowest point of the lower pole.
  • Grade 3 (Severe) – Considerable cases of ptosis usually exhibit signs of excess skin, with the nipple-areolar complex at the very bottom of the lower breast pole and directed downward.


A breast lift allows patients to achieve a revitalized breast profile that flatters their figure. Benefits include:

  • A dynamic breast profile and better projection
  • A more youthful silhouette 
  • Attractive, long-lasting, natural-looking breast shape
  • Reduced excess skin and less discomfort and irritation under the breasts
  • More appealing choices for clothing and lingerie


Patients discouraged by lax, stretched skin around the breasts are good candidates for a lift surgery. Patients noticing downward-facing nipples or areolas can also seek treatment. Additionally, a breast lift treatment has helped patients:

  • Correct changes caused by pregnancy, age, or weight change
  • Who are healthy, at a stable weight, and over the age of 18
  • Who do not smoke or are willing to stop several weeks before surgery and until fully recuperated
  • Who are not planning any future pregnancies
  • With realistic aesthetic goals in mind

However, the best way to know if you’re eligible for a breast lift procedure is to call us directly at (303) 792-5665 for an informative consultation

Personal Consultation with Millard Plastic Surgery

Millard Plastic Surgery is a highly rated, state-of-the-art practice that specializes in creating artful body contours. We believe innovation, high patient satisfaction, and surgical excellence are the cornerstones to creating outstanding results.  

You’ll meet with Millard Plastic Surgery at your consultation to discuss your specific concerns. First, new patients will share their medical details, surgery history, and prescriptions intake, if any. Then, he’ll examine your breast tissue and skin elasticity. Documenting this information helps him develop a treatment plan for you which we will share at length. Finally, if we feel a breast lift gives you the shapelier breast shape you desire, we’ll discuss the surgery details at length. At the end of your consultation, we will schedule your surgical appointment.

Schedule a time to meet with us at your personalized consultation at our office in Englewood. Make your appointment online or by calling (303) 792-5665.


Millard Plastic Surgery will ask you to complete a few items weeks before surgery. Following these directions will ensure a smooth recovery and outstanding results. We may ask you to:

  • Abstain from smoking (including e-cigarettes) until you’re healed. Doing this will help blood flow normally and facilitate a typical recovery period.
  • Adjust your current medication as directed. Medicines such as blood-thinners and NSAIDs may cause complications during surgery. 
  • Millard Plastic Surgery will order the prescriptions needed to aid your recovery. Visit your local drug store to pick them up in advance. 
  • Designate a caregiver to drive you home and assist you. The residual effects of anesthesia will impair your ability to drive, and your mobility will be limited.


Your breast lift may last 2-3 hours, depending on your specific case. Once the anesthesia takes effect, Millard Plastic Surgery will perform one of the incision techniques outlined below.

Crescent Lift

Minor issues of sagging and lax skin will be removed during this method. This lift requires Millard Plastic Surgery to make a crescent-like shape incision on the top half of the areola. When the incisions are closed, the breasts are lifted higher, and scars become hidden from view. 

Periareolar or “Donut” Lift

Patients with modest amounts of extra skin can reduce the size of tissue and the areola. This lift technique uses incisions that encircle the edges of areola. A donut shaped piece of tissue is removed. When the area is sutured closed, the breast mass is narrowed and lifted.

Vertical or “Lollipop” Lift

This method handles moderate concerns of sagging. Two incisions are required: One encircles the areola’s border and another is made vertically from the bottom of the areola towards the crease at the bottom of the breast. [2] As a result, the incisions resemble a lollipop. Excess breast tissue is surgically excised, and the breast profile is revised. 

Inverted T or “Anchor” Lift

Patients with substantial cases of ptosis will see significant benefits from this method. Three incisions are made: one circling the edge of the areola, another one running down from the areola to the breast crease, and another along the breast crease. Excess skin is removed to lift the lower pole of the breast and provide a more youthful breast contour. 

Once Millard Plastic Surgery achieves the desired aesthetic, we’ll close the incision with carefully placed sutures. Dressings and a supportive surgical bra will be placed. Please continue to wear this bra for the next four weeks unless showering. This will help protect your new profile and reduce swelling. 

Recovery and Results

During recovery, you will feel common post-surgical symptoms such as tenderness, swelling, bruising. Taking the prescriptions and resting on your back will help offset these symptoms which will diminish over the next 2-3 weeks. After this time, you should be able to resume light activities. Activities that require extra exertion can continue in 4-6 weeks. [2]

You will then notice improved contours and positioning for your breasts. The results will last for years to come! 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Millard Plastic Surgery may recommend other exciting breast enhancements during your consultation. We have multiple treatments that can treat breast aesthetic concerns. They include:

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation increases the size of the breasts with synthetic implants. Patients can choose the type of implant, size, shape, and texture to provide better volume. Augmentation patients can easily pair this treatment with their lift or have it done separately. 

Breast Reduction

Women with oversized breasts can decrease the size of their breasts by surgically removing excess breast tissue to create a smaller breast contour and alleviate physical discomfort. 


SmartLipo is a breast reduction alternative for patients who prefer a minimally invasive treatment. It utilizes the power of lasers to melt fat while simultaneously tightening up breast skin. The fat is removed with liposuction to provide better contours for your breasts. 

Cost of Breast Lift in Englewood, CO

Each Millard Plastic Surgery patient will have their own unique set of circumstances, and as such, a unique price will be calculated to include items specific to your treatment. However, we are happy to provide you with helpful financing options to make your treatment more affordable. Speak with a patient coordinator today by calling (303) 792-5665 and get an estimated quote.


What happens during a breast lift surgery?

Breast lift patients will receive incisions at various points around the breast, depending on the extent of their breast ptosis. Excess skin is removed, the remaining skin is tightened and sculpted to a better shape. Some patients may have alterations to their areola and nipples as well.

How long is the recovery period for a breast lift?

Most patients will see recovery within 4-6 weeks. Gradually, patients will return to work and do regular daily tasks within two weeks. More strenuous activities can be resumed within six weeks after the procedure.


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