Breast Augmentation

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breast augmentation procedure

Breast augmentation remains the #1 Plastic Surgery procedure for females and continues to grow in popularity. If you are seeking more fullness, or an improved balance of your figure, this procedure can accomplish just that.  In addition, your self-image and self-confidence can be greatly enhanced as well.


You are a great candidate for breast augmentation in Denver if you are:

  • Unhappy with your smaller breast size
  • Self-conscious about your breast appearance
  • Desiring to fill out tight fitting clothes and bathing suits
  • Wanting to increase your breast firmness
  • Looking to fix the symmetry of your breasts
  • Experienced a reduction in breast size due to external factors such as weight loss or post-pregnancy

Before & After Photos

Do you fall into any of these categories? If so, then you should consider scheduling a personal consultation with Dr. Millard to learn more about the treatment options that might be available to you and your unique physicality. Even if you meet one of the criteria above, a thorough examination is the only way to determine you if you’re a qualified candidate for breast augmentation.


Dr. Millard is a student of the artistic human form. He approaches each individual’s unique body shape and definition. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and tools proprietary (only used at Millard Plastic Surgery), Dr. Millard can precisely measure your breast shape and any asymmetries to provide you with your ideal breast enhancement goals.

  1. Dr. Millard will take a detailed history with specific attention to breast cancer risk. Most potential breast augmentation patients are at a normal risk for breast cancer and will need nothing more than a mammogram if they are 35 years or older. For those patients that Dr. Millard determines might be at higher risk for breast cancer in their lifetime, he will refer them to a breast cancer risk specialist for further testing, before proceeding with breast augmentation.
  2. Dr. Millard will perform a detailed breast, chest and axillary examination. Dr. Millard uses many advanced technologies to help him determine the best individual plan for your breast enhancement in the Denver, Lone Tree areas. These include:
    • Detailed breast measurements

      — These help Dr. Millard determine the ideal range of sizes, shapes and projection from which the patient can choose from. Sometimes he will determine that small additional procedures might be needed to obtain the best result for you. Examples include:

      1. The possible need to lower the patients inframammary fold.
      2. The possible need for a “Dual Plane Technique” — A technique where some breast lifting can be accomplished internally through the same incision which he does the augmentation from.
    • Dynamic 3-D Video Image Evaluation

      — Pioneered by Dr. Millard as part of his sculpting evaluation. Many variables that were previously overlooked in breast augmentation evaluation are accomplished here. These include:

      1. The influence the pectorals muscle’s shape has on the breast’s shape through its movement.
      2. He can also study the influence the patient’s breast fat has on the shape of the breast and determine if any fat extraction (Usually in the upper outer tail of the breast and/or axilla) or fat addition (To enhance cleavage, etc.) may be considered by the patient.
      3. Preliminary Breast Implant Sizing — Dr. Millard uses an extensive array of sizer techniques to help patients choose their ideal size.
    • 3D Vectra Assessment

      — Dr. Millard’s practice is one of the few practices in the Denver metropolitan area to offer his patients this advanced technology.

      1. Accurately make breast measurements and determine subtle or not-so-subtle size differences, which will aid your surgeon in choosing correctly sized implants, especially if different sized implants are recommended.
      2. Provides patients a 3-dimensional picture of their breasts and surrounding tissues such as surrounding fat, which may aid in the patient’s decision to add breast sculpting to their procedure.
      3. Simulation of different implant sizes, shapes and projections can all be done with Vectra 3D. This not only helps patients choose their ideal breast implant size, but the shape and projection as well. This is something that is very difficult, if not impossible to do preoperatively, without the aid of this advanced technology.

Enhanced 3D Imaging

After taking whole body measurements, Dr. Millard and his staff, can provide you with a 3D replica of what you can expect to look like after your breast augmentation surgery.


Implant Types

SIENTRA Implants — Are State-of-the-Art Breast Implants. Dr. Millard uses these exclusively for many reasons, most of which center around his belief that they are the best and safest breast implant on the market. This is born out by a rich body of recently published articles that can be found in the plastic surgery publications. Some of the more important reasons Dr. Millard has chosen to use Sientra Implants exclusively:

  • First High-Strength Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants that were FDA-approved
  • The round implant is the strongest cohesive gel on the market.
  • The Strength for shape retention is unparalleled.
  • “Zero” incidence of gel fracture reported. The highest resistance to gel fracture of any shaped implant in the U.S.
  • Many of these successes can be attributed to Sientra’s superior “Shell-to-Gel” adhesive process which is more resistant to folds and deformities and therefore less likely to fail and rupture.
  • The rupture rate for Primary Breast Augmentation after 5 years is 0.4% for the SientraHigh-Strength Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants. Compared to a 5 year rupture rate of 6.2% for the Allergen style 410 implant.
  • Published capsular contracture and implant rotation rates are less than those seen with Sientra’s TRUE Texture when compared with Allergan’s BIOCELL texturing.

Sientra’s Options

One shape of implant does not meet the needs for all or any women.  That is why Sientra was the first to offer the widest choice of shaped implants.  Examples of when a shaped implant may be much better than a traditional smooth round breast implant include, but are not limited to:

  • Tall women with longer torsos and chests
  • Women who have breasts that are narrower or wider than average.
  • Women who have short “Nipple-to-inframammary-fold” distances.  This was particularly hard to correct and had a high risk of “double-bubble” prior to the introduction of textured and shaped implants.
  • Women who have “Constricted” Breasts

Sientra’s Round Smooth & Round textured Gel Implants:

  • Sientra’s Round Smooth Gel Implant
  • Sentra’s Round Textured Gel Implant

Sientra’s Shaped Gel Implant Line: 

  • Shaped Classic Gel Implant
  • Shaped Round Base Gel Implant
  • Shaped Oval Base Gel Implant

Type Of Incision

Your incision may be decided based on your unique body type, choice of implant, and/or Dr. Millard’s recommendation. Below are the four most common incisions for breast augmentation:

Nipple Incision

Hides scarring but risks losing some nipple sensation.

Under The Breast Crease Incision

Most common incision and the scar is somewhat hidden.

Armpit Incision

A good option for very flat chested women with little breast tissue.

Belly Button Incision

The least common incision that tunnels to the chest and does not show scarring.


  1. Majority of Dr. Millard’s breast augmentation procedures are performed right at the practice (at Renewal Surgery Center) on an outpatient basis.
  2. You can expect to be at the facility for about half of the day.
  3. Required check in is 1 ½ hours before your surgery. You will be re-briefed on the details and given your post-operative instructions.
  4. Dr. Millard will come discuss your surgery with you and place several marks on your chest to ensure accuracy in meeting your goals.
  5. Your breast augmentation will be performed under local anesthesia and will take about one hour to complete.
  6. Afterwards, you will relax and recover in our post-operative suite for at least an hour, at which time you will be able to leave with an accompanying driver.
  7. The results of your breast augmentation will be visible immediately. Final results will occur within a few weeks once the implants have settled and all of the swelling is gone. Then it’s time to start enjoying your new transformation and the increase in your self-confidence!

How Long They Last

Sientra Breast Implant Guarantee

Breast implants are not designed to last for life (typically between 10 to 20 years). After that time, many patients would like to have their breasts lifted, tightened or even enlarged. Please make sure you’re getting regular check ups and scans to ensure that the implants have not ruptured.

SmartLipo and VASER Hi Def

Recent advancements in plastic surgery have developed an alternative to traditional breast implant-based breast augmentation (breast enhancement without implants). Utilizing groundbreaking technology Dr. Millard pioneered in the United States, we now offer an alternative to traditional breast augmentation.

Utilizing advanced liposuction techniques to remove fat in areas such as the underarm and upper abdomen, as well as directly underneath the breasts, Dr. Millard can contour your figure to create the illusion of larger breasts without the use of implants. With ether SmartLipo or VASER® Hi Def, Dr. Millard can inject your natural fat into the tissue below your breast, thereby increasing your cup size with fuller, rounder breasts without using implants.