Vectra XT 3D System

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Are you considering a breast augmentation, but are not sure what size or type of implant will look best on your body? While an example bra or a rice-and-pantyhose test can give you a general idea of what it may feel like to have larger breasts, you do not get an accurate depiction of what augmented breasts would look like on your own body.

With the Vectra XT 3D System, we’re taking the guesswork out of planning your breast augmentation!

Millard Plastic Surgery is now offering a way to remove the mystery behind your breast augmentation results: thanks to the cutting-edge 3D imaging capabilities of the Vectra XT 3D System, you can see accurate digital images of what various types and sizes of breast implant would look like on your unique body.

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How Vectra XT 3D Works

The Vectra XT 3D System is capable of almost instantly creating a 3D digital model of your body. This model is created by the simultaneous capture of six 2D photos. The system also measures your body, being careful to include any asymmetries.

See your new body in 3D - Sculpt My Dream

Software-controlled lighting and height adjustment enable the machine to generate the most detailed 3D model possible.

Once the system has generated your life-like image, with accurate dimensions and details, we can access the system’s database to see the full catalog of saline and silicone implants available at Millard Plastic Surgery as they would appear within your body.

Benefits of 3D XT Vectra

When you come to Millard Plastic Surgery for your breast augmentation, you have the option of having your body digitally replicated by the 3D XT Vectra System. The Vectra system will enable you to see what your body would look like with a variety of different breast implants.

This cutting-edge imaging system has these impressive capabilities:

  • The Vectra 3D System captures 360° imaging of your body within 3.5 milliseconds. It is even able to register and replicate the unique contours of your skin in this time.
  • The system is capable of accurately measuring your body. This accurate measurement enables Vectra to create a lifelike simulation of what a wide range of breast implants, both silicone and saline, would look like on your body. Vectra records these images and supplies your doctor an exact cc measurement of the depicted implants.
  • Thanks to Mirror Medical Imaging Software, the XT Vectra system allows you to access the variety of implants available at Millard Plastic Surgery. What you are able to test on your simulated body will be the options that are achievable for you. You can see what both subtle and major changes in your breast size will look like.
  • The digital recreation of your body will also depict your muscle tone and body fat. This detail better enables your surgeon to discuss with you the option of fat transfer for your breast augmentation.
  • The 3D XT Vectra System also incorporates the effect of gravity on the breast tissue. The dynamic soft tissue modeling gives you the most realistic predictive imaging results possible.
  • Imaging allows you to view your potential implant from any angle, as well as to zoom in. This will enable you to inspect the proportion, projection, and appearance of the implant with accurate detail.
  • The system shows what a particular implant size would look like in clothing, including in a bikini top.

The predictive imaging abilities of the 3D XT Vectra System are accurate and cutting-edge. This system provides a level of certainty that is difficult to achieve before a body modifying procedure.

Millard Plastic Surgery is one of the few practices offering 3D XT Vectra to the Denver metropolitan area.

Breast Augmentation Sizing: Traditional Methods Vs. 3D Imaging

With the traditional method, it may take visual trial and error before your doctor decides what implant sizes are right for you.

Many patients have the misconception that breast implants run according to bra cup sizes, but they are actually measured in cc (cubic centimeters). Unfortunately, simulating the effect that different cc of implants achieve within the breasts is difficult to accomplish without advanced technology. Most doctors advise their patients to buy bras in the sizes they are interested in, or have “test bras” at their offices for patients to wear over their current breasts. Another sizing method available to patients is the practice of filling pantyhose with rice, or a plastic bag with water. One mL equals one cc, which makes this test doable at home. These older methods of testing breast sizes help give patients an idea of what the dimension of larger breasts may feel like on their bodies, and how they will look under clothes, but do not always give the most accurate sense of how the breast itself will look on the patient. It is also not uncommon for patients to require implants which are two different cc to obtain their ideal breast augmentation results.

The Vectra XT 3D system is so advanced that it is capable of measuring and detecting inconsistent breast sizes.

Many doctors achieve breast symmetry through the trial and error application of different sized implants during the surgery. Thankfully, the Vectra 3D system is capable of detecting the difference in the breasts and will record the different cc chosen. This enables our surgeons to approach the surgery with the appropriately-sized implants and takes the guesswork out of how your breasts will respond to the implants.

We work with each patient to help them determine their ideal breast surgery size. Even if large breasts look attractive to a patient, we will make sure you feel prepared for how they may impact certain aspects of your lifestyle. For example, patients who enjoy running may want to consider how larger breasts will affect their running experience.

Why Choose Millard Plastic Surgery?

Once you decide you would like to undergo a breast augmentation, you will be faced with two major decisions: what types of implant you prefer, and what surgeon will perform your augmentation.

Millard Plastic Surgery will provide everything you would ever want to know about breast implants, from type (silicone) to shape (natural vs. more rounded). In addition to giving our patients in-depth information about implants, as well as access to physical implants, Millard Plastic Surgery creates the accurate visual of the implant for the patient, on the patient’s own body.

The Vectra XT 3D System is far from the only element that qualifies Dr. Millard as a leading-edge surgeon.

Dr. John A. Millard is the founder of the Advanced Body Sculpting Institute, which prides itself on teaching physicians from around the world how to safely and skillfully perform the latest in cosmetic procedures. Dr. Millard himself is the pioneer of VASER liposuction, a safe, advanced method of liposuction which applies ultrasound technology to break up fat, as well as to shape the underlying tissue of a patient’s body. VASER both slims and sculpts, achieving an athletic appearance in the treated area.

Dr. Millard is renowned internationally for his surgical excellence and expertise in breast and liposuction procedures. To experience the difference a top-quality surgeon can make, call Millard Plastic Surgery today to schedule a private consultation.

Alternative to Breast Implants

A fat transfer can be done in lieu of or in addition to a breast implant.

Depending on the positioning of your breast tissue, and the ratio of fat percentage on your body, you may be a candidate to receive VASER liposuction for breast augmentation with a fat transfer.

VASER liposuction is a cutting-edge procedure which applies safe ultrasound to targeted areas of fat. The gentle vibrations effectively break down the fat without harming the surrounding tissues. Dr.Millard may remove subdermal fat, deep fat, and superficial fat. The fat is carefully removed, processed, and redistributed artfully to the lateral and inferior portions of the breast.

Fat grafting with VASER liposuction is capable of improving breast size and projection. This procedure is an effective way of filling in cleavage, where there may have been less breast tissue present before. Breasts will look fuller, with overall results that look natural and balanced.


Trying to decide if a breast augmentation is right for you? Good candidates for breast augmentations are women who:

  • Are in overall good health. Tell your surgeon if you have any pre-existing conditions which could affect your ability to heal.
  • Are unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts.
  • Are non-smokers
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Have realistic expectations of a body modifying procedure.

To learn more about your candidacy, call Millard Plastic Surgery today to schedule your initial consultation.


A breast augmentation consultation at Millard Plastic Surgery is an informative, interactive experience. During your consultation, we will assess your medical history, medication use, and current lifestyle. After discussing your goals for your augmentation, and examining your breasts, patients will have their images captured by the Vectra XT 3D System. After the Vectra System creates a 3D image of your torso, you have the opportunity to view your body with any size or type of implant, thanks to the system’s vast database. You will be able to zoom in and view your body from any angle, to get an accurate idea of what your proportions will look like with the augmented breasts.

Your experience with Millard Plastic Surgery and the Vectra 3D XT System, will enable you to make your breast augmentation decision comfortably and confidently. Call the helpful staff to schedule your private consultation for a breast augmentation today.