Brazilian Butt Lift

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What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?


The Brazilian butt lift operation provides lift, size, shape, and contouring to the rear ends of people who are dissatisfied with their figure. This dissatisfaction can occur as a result of naturally flat or smaller buttocks, or due to dramatic weight loss, sagging because of the body’s natural aging process, or any asymmetry between the two buttocks that creates a less than desirable rear end aesthetic.

The surgery is attractive to many people because it is natural and does not require the implantation of foreign substances, as some other cosmetic augmentation procedures do. During the operation, Dr. John Millard will take fat from other parts of the body using liposuction; this is commonly drawn from the lower back, hips, and upper thighs, which in and of itself will make your behind look bigger and more pronounced. VASER Hi Def Lipo is often used for this, and in addition to the waist and hips, it can be part of a sculpted hourglass shape with liposuction of the upper back and side of the torso as well. Once the fat is retrieved, it is then painstakingly purified before being injected into the buttocks, which are also contoured to create the most pleasing shape and proportion. Men considering this procedure may be interested in the Bro-zilian butt lift.

Problems the Brazilian Butt Lift Addresses

When it comes to your behind, this surgery is quite versatile and effective in creating the full-body silhouette you’ve always wanted. It can address cosmetic issues from severe fat loss, natural flatness or small size, asymmetrical cheeks, and a disproportionate appearance in the context of your overall figure.


Flat or Small Buttocks

Flat buttocks can sometimes rob you of your otherwise total confidence in your body. To achieve that luscious, curvy form that is so coveted by people of many persuasions, Dr. Millard can use surgery to turn up the volume on that derriere, so to speak. The same goes for a behind that is on the smaller side, whether that’s due to fluctuations in your overall weight, a change in physical activity level or style, or just simply genetics.



Sagging is an issue people encounter all over the body. It can happen because of a person’s age or a shift in some element of their physical practices, just like the size of the buttocks. A Brazilian butt lift can do wonders for a flabby posterior that is feeling the effects of gravity and time by lifting up the cheeks to perky new heights, as well as contouring the region and making it appear younger, smoother, and shapelier.



Because this method of surgery will allow you to control the way your butt looks, the Brazilian butt lift is perfect for people who may find that one cheek does not wholly match the other. Dr. Millard can lift and sculpt your behind to your preferred new proportions, while simultaneously filling out the smaller buttock to ensure the sexiest possible result – a voluptuous shape and flawless symmetry.


Weight Loss

Weight loss can certainly be a great thing for your health and appearance. However, dramatic weight loss due to changes in diet and exercise regimen, or even due to health problems or age, can have very noticeable consequences for your backside. Whatever the root cause, the Brazilian butt lift procedure can replace the volume and bounce you may have lost after losing all that weight, thus renewing your self-assurance and love for your body.


Good Candidates

The Brazilian butt lift provides women with a more sensual body profile including a more prominent and youthful buttocks. You may be a great candidate for a butt lift if you have any of the following:

  • A flat rear end
  • Sagging butt, yet your skin is in good condition
  • Significant weight loss that has changed the shape of your buttocks

Potential patients should be in good health and a steady body weight. Be sure to speak with Dr. Millard about any medical or health conditions during your initial consultation in case these may conflict with the safety of surgery, as well as any medications you are taking.


A consultation visit to Millard Plastic Surgery in in Lone Tree will be essential to determine whether the Brazilian butt lift surgery is right for you. Dr. Millard will use this time to evaluate your medical history and current health to ensure that the procedure can be undertaken safely. He will then go over the results you desire and what you can expect to achieve through a BBL surgery, as well as estimated costs and other details specific to your body and circumstances.


Before the Procedure

Plan for a post-op rest period of at least two weeks, including time off work – and off of your buttocks.

To diminish the risks that come with any surgical procedure, Dr. Millard will require several preparatory measures. Patients should stop smoking and avoid using blood-thinning drugs including aspirin, ibuprofen, and related products as these could elevate the danger of bleeding during the operation.


A butt lift is a very natural procedure because you are using your own fat to augment your buttocks. While the average age of female patients is in her late teens to mid 30’s, women of all ages are now having the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Some of the more common areas liposuctioned to obtain the fat for a butt lift include the stomach, thighs and back.

Procedure Steps

Dr. Millard will begin by administering the general anesthesia before beginning the liposuction portion of the procedure.


  • Your hips and lower back will be liposuctioned first to make the buttock appear more prominent.
  • Fat suctioned from the other areas of your body* will have been purified by decanting and centrifugation. *Only a small percentage (approx. 25%) of the fat removed will qualify for re-injection.
  • Your purified fat cells will then be strategically grafted (injected) in your buttock where you would prefer more fullness. A small tube-like tool called a ‘cannula’ is utilized to inject the approved fat into your buttocks at various depths to optimize the absorption rate. This process usually requires hundreds of micro fat injections using the cannula.
  • Your doctor will then close all incisions and bandage you up.

Other Butt Augmentation Options

Some patients go the route of buttock implants in order to enhance and round out their respective posterior regions. However, there are some downsides to this choice. First of all, many patients prefer to utilize the more natural method that the Brazilian butt lift option provides. Since the procedure removes, cleanses, and then injects fat from other areas, the body can remain totally pure and self-contained while still attaining a beautiful round behind and a curvaceous figure.


Implants by comparison can be effective, but are inherently artificial and therefore come with their own set of risks. These possibilities include infection, scarring, nerve damage, inflammation, unevenness, and more. Implants are also susceptible to complications like rupture and migration, which can lead to both cosmetic and more severe health problems.

Although implants can be an optimal choice for people who are on the thinner side, as they may not have enough fat in other parts of the body to transfer to the buttocks, fat transfer procedures like the Brazilian butt lift entails fewer medical and aesthetic risks. Patients should note that it is possible to undergo issues like bruising, swelling, stretch marks, and fat embolism syndrome. If proper recovery measures are not followed there is also a risk of losing some of the fat and/or shape of your new buttocks.



After your procedure is completed, you will be taken to our comfortable recovery room, and from there you will be taken home by your designated driver. Your buttocks will be tender, and the areas where the liposuction was performed will also be tender, yet your pain medications will help control the soreness.

In addition, you won’t be able to sit on your buttocks for up to two weeks post-surgery. This assists with blood flow to help you heal your buttocks area. Sitting on your buttocks would not allow the blood supply to get to the new fat cells, and you will lose your correction. Following your instructions and utilizing post operative care will greatly assist in your recovery and minimize risks. You are able to exercise 6-8 weeks following your surgery.



Be aware that the aesthetic results and prolonged existence of your newly lifted buttocks depends largely on your commitment to proper recovery and healing.

Putting pressure on the behind too soon after surgery could result in a loss of the fat graft and negatively impact the way it ends up looking and its longevity.

Assuming that your fat has been processed and injected correctly, you should be very happy with long term results. Also, if you happen to lose weight, the fat grafts should be unaffected, and you should maintain your full buttock figure.


The cost of the Brazilian butt lift procedure is widely variable and depends on the individual’s body, preferences, and physical situation. Dr. Millard can discuss all of these factors during your consultation and provide you with estimates and price ranges, as this surgery will be tailored to your own body and aesthetic wishes.