Traveling Patients

Offered at our convenient location in Denver

If you are traveling from out-of-state for a procedure with Dr. Millard, please know that we are 100% committed to making your stay in Denver as comfortable as possible.  In fact approximately 50% of Dr. Millard’s patient travel from out of state and from outside the country to seek Dr. Millard’s expertise.

To help meet your needs, we’ve prepared this page to discuss what is needed for an out-of-state consultation, as well as travel arrangements (such as accommodation and transportation).

Remote Consultation

  1. Call the office to schedule your consultation via Zoom or Facetime
  2. During this pre consultation appointment, Dr. Millard will review your medical history, make recommendations and answer any questions you might have.
  3. Your patient coordinator will then put together a fee quote, based on what you and the doctor have discussed. You can then confirm your decision to schedule surgery on the phone, or come to Colorado for an in-office consultation.
  4. The day before the surgery, we would see you at our Colorado office, for a pre-operative appointment. The length of your post-operative stay in Colorado will vary based on the procedure being performed.

The day before the surgery, we would see you at our Colorado office, for a pre-operative appointment. The length of your post-operative stay in Colorado will vary based on the procedure being performed.

Taking Photographs

Please take several photos, similar to the ones shown below, either nude, with underwear or a bathing suit on. Digital photos can be e-mailed to: [email protected].

If you do not have someone else who can take the picture for you, we recommend taking pictures of your areas of concern in the mirror or utilizing a camera timer (there are apps available on smartphones to do this).


You deserve a stress-free trip and navigating a new city can be difficult. Here are our recommendations for transportation options:

For transportation from Denver International Airport (DIA), taxi companies include:

Cab: (303) 777-7777
Metro Taxis: (303) 333-3333
Freedom Cab: (303) 292-8900

A Advantage Limo: (303) 421-4300
Front Range Limo: (888) 371-5763

Post Surgical Caregiver Options

We will require some form of care for at least 24 hours after your surgery. Typically, this is done by a friend or family member and no professional medical training is required. We have listed some names of services for after care below. Many of our patients have used these services and have been very pleased. So, if you are traveling to our office from out of town, or are in need of a caregiver, please call any of the services listed below and they will be happy to answer your questions.


Paulette Rhyne – I Drive You There + Light Aftercare

Paulette Rhyne: 303-587-1091

Paulette has many years of experience caring for patient post cosmetic surgeries. Paulette offers many options that will fit your needs after surgery. She offers overnight care up to 48 hours post-surgery. She also offers rides to and from appointments. She is compassionate and comfortable taking care of your post-surgical needs. Paulette will schedule a pre-operative phone consult to ensure all of your post-surgical needs are met.

$250 for the 1st 5 hours $950 for 24 hours

Denver Aftercare

Danielle Shah: 303-524-5982 Call or text

  • Post-operative care – to ensure that you recover as efficiently and safely as possible from your plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure
  • Monitoring of vital signs
  • Ambulation assistance – to reduce the chances of pneumonia or deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) after surgery, this includes pneumatic leg compression while in bed
  • Medication management – to optimize pain control and reduce the chances of medication errors after your plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery procedure
  • Wound management – help teach wound and drain care
  • Dietary management – to make sure you heal properly and reduce the chances of poor wound healing after your plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery procedure
  • Transportation – from surgery, to post-operative appointments if necessary, to and from airport, medication delivery, groceries
  • Other services: lymphatic massage, walker, cool mist humidifier, ice packs
  • For out of town guests: microwave, filtered water pitcher, eating utensils, dishware
  • Communication with your surgeon after procedures for questions and concerns

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery are services can be provided in hotels in or around Denver, Colorado, or at the patient’s home, as needed. $750 for 24 hours


Friends For Life


Friends for life was started as a personalized service for seniors and branched in to post-operative care for surgery patients. They have been in service 15+ years. They are able to assist you with your post surgical needs that are customized and flexible based on your needs.

Friends for Life offers assistance in meal prep, light housekeeping, errands, and pet care as well as post surgical care. They are able to work with you directly to make a post surgical plan that works for you.


Extended Family Home Care Services

303-955-8107 2765
S. Colorado Blvd., Ste. 114
Denver, CO 80222

Extended Family is a licensed, bonded and insured non medical home care agency. All of our caregivers are employees of our agency and are carefully selected for their compassion and diligence. Extended Family will come to your home or hotel room and care for you after surgery as well as bring you to your post-operative appointments.


Gold Leaf Home Care

3540 South Poplar Street Suite 202
Denver, Colorado 80237

Gold Leaf Home Care cares about your recovery and your post-surgical needs. Our caregivers are employees and have compassion about your needs. Gold Leaf will come to your home or hotel room and care for you after surgery as well as bring you to your postoperative appointments.


Recommended Hotels

Millard Plastic Surgery has special medical rates with several local hotels, all with the ultimate goal of your comfort in mind:


Homewood Suites by Hilton Denver Tech Center

199 Inverness Dr. W
Englewood, CO 80112

Hilton Denver Inverness

200 Inverness Dr. W
Englewood, CO 80112