Pec Sculpting for Men

Some men are born with a flatter, less well-defined chest or find it difficult to add muscle mass to the area even with a consistent workout routine and proper nutrition. For others, genetic conditions or injuries can prevent them from building an ideal chest.(1) Through the use of liposuction, fat […]

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What Happens to Fat During VASER Lipo?

VASER Liposuction

Fat, or adipose tissue, is an essential connective tissue in the body. It provides us with cushioning beneath the skin and protects our vital organs. However, genetics, age, lifestyle, and other factors can contribute to excess fat accumulation in certain areas of the body. Though diet and exercise can help […]

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Get off my Back! Lipo for Bra Fat

Thankfully, liposuction procedures aren’t just for the abdomen! Increasingly, patients are discovering that other areas such as the back, ankles, and upper arms can benefit tremendously from lipo. Back liposuction helps to break down and remove stubborn fat deposits for a more sculpted, slimmer look and feel. Advances in liposuction […]

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When choosing VASER Hi-Def, it is vital to first factor in your body’s current composition and your desired aesthetic goals. We will assist you in doing just that during a private consultation. During your one-on-one at Millard Plastic Surgery, you will learn the differences between VASER and VASER Hi-Def. Dr. […]

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How To Get Perfect Chin & Jawline Definition

Plastic Surgery Men Denver

A defined chin and jawline are seen as a necessity for an attractive appearance. While some are blessed with an angular, noticeable jawline, most of us aren’t. This difference is because your facial structure is determined predominantly by genetics.[1] This genetic code defines the width and prominence of your mandible, […]

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VASER & Emsculpt: A Winning Combination for Perfect Abs

VASER Liposuction and EMSCULPT are two body contouring procedures that, when combined, promote a stronger, better-contoured abdominal profile. In the pursuit of our dream physique, a well-defined six-pack stands at the top of everyone’s goals. However, because of age, genetics, or a busy schedule, obtaining this aesthetic trophy is more […]

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Restoring Your Abdomen After Pregnancy

The process of restoring your abdomen after pregnancy is important to many new mothers who want to rebuild their core and rejuvenate the appearance of their bellies. Pregnancy is a beautiful, life-affirming experience that is filled with joy, anticipation – and maybe even a sprinkle of anxiety. Through this experience, […]

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VASER Liposuction vs. CoolSculpting

VASER Liposuction and CoolSculpting are two body fat minimizing techniques that have gained popularity in recent years. Both are safe and effective approaches to body contouring. However, for patients wanting immediate, reliable, long-lasting results, VASER liposuction offers significant advantages. VASER liposuction is a “one and done” highly versatile procedure that […]

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Males & Plastic Surgery

Men and Plastic Surgery Denver

Plastic surgery for men is sometimes a misunderstood, taboo topic that doesn’t get enough attention in the world of cosmetic surgery – or even by most men. While technology and research exist to give men their desired aesthetic results, there is still a shocking dissonance between these means and methods […]

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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Vs. Implants

breast reduction englewood

Fat transfers and breast implants are both effective ways to increase the size and enhance the shape of the breasts. So which augmentation technique is right for you? Breast augmentation is a big decision, and so it’s important to explore your options and make sure that you’re well informed before […]

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