VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting

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What Is VASER® Hi Def Breast Sculpting?

vaser hi def breast sculpting procedure

The distinctive curve of the female breast can often be obtained with breast implants, and other times a skilled plastic surgeon can achieve the perceived perfect breast by adding the VASER® Hi Def Liposculpture technique.

This technique allows a surgeon to sculpt the lateral and inferior portion of the breast, giving it beautiful definition and smoothing unwanted excess fat that can be apparent under bra straps.

This technique also helps to enhance the “Hourglass” appearance of a women’s shape from the front view. VASER is also very effective in contracting skin and tissue, lifting the breast to achieve a more ideal position.

Your fat can be harvested and transplanted to your inner chest area to naturally enhance your cleavage. This is something that is nearly impossible to do with breast implants alone in women who have widely separated breasts.

Before and After Photos

VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting By Local Denver Pioneer Dr. Millard

Breast Augmentation alone can give you a very nice result, but with today’s cosmetic advancements, plastic surgeons are armed with several safe and effective techniques to restore breast shape, volume and definition on an even higher level.

The Three-Step Process of VASER Hi Def Liposculpture

  • Step 1: Subdermal Fat Removal
  • Step 2: Deep Fat Compartment Fat Removal
  • Step 3: Partial removal of the Superficial Fat Compartment Fat & Shaping of the “Retained” Superficial Fat
three step process of vaser hi def liposculpture

VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting Procedure

The VASER Hi def technique starts by removing superficial fat from around the breast’s inferior and lateral border.

Imagine the projection of the breast as that of a mountain, the surrounding fat, both inferiorly and laterally represents the plains or the flatlands as they make there way to the foot of the mountains.

Reduction of this “Flatland” subcutaneous fat, which is superficial compartment fat (There is no deep fat compartment here), which makes the breast appear larger. The inferior and especially the lateral breast border are much more defined as well, giving a significant improvement in the appearance of the female hourglass appearance from the frontal perspective.

Removing the subcutaneous fat both inferiorly and lateraly around implant augmented breasts can be accomplished safely. Special care needs to be taken to displace the implant and stay within the border to be sculpted.

VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting Procedure

Purple — Represents the area marked for inferior and lateral fat reduction around the breast borders.

VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting Procedure

Lateral View:

Purple — Represents the superficial fat removed fro the lateral border and the inferior border of the breast. Care must be taken not to extend to posteriorly while accomplishing the axillary sculpting, because the fat over the latissimus contributes to the posterior hourglass appearance of the female.

Blue — Subcutaneous, mainly superficial fat that can be removed in the upper, outer tail of the breast.

The Frontal View:

Orange — Area of possible superficial fat removal if indicated.

Blue — Represents the area where there is both breast subcutaneous fat and muscle, both of which can be grafted as part of breast enhancement and shaping

Green — Represents the lower part of the breast which extends beyond the pectorlis muscle, and therefore, only deep and superfial fat compartment fat grafting can be accomplished.

4 Different Layers Of Fat Grafting:

four different layers of fat grafting

This illustration demonstrates the 4 layered technique of breast fat grafting.

1. Submuscular Fat Grafting: Increases muscle and therefore breast projection.

2. Intramuscular Fat Grafting: Increases muscle and therefore breast size and projection. Sub-Glandular,

3. Subcutaneous Fat Grafting: Increases breast size, projection and fullness.

4. Supra-Glandular, Subcutaneous (Mainly Sub-Dermal) Fat Grafting: Not only increases breast size, projection and fullness, but as the surgeon goes more superficial breast shape control is significant;y enhanced. It is this area of fat grafting that gives the surgeon the ability to enhance breast cleavage, something that is very difficult, if not nearly impossible with widely separated breasts during breast implant augmentation.

In fact, this step can be added to a implant breast augmentation to enhance cleavage as well. This is what is called a “Composite” Breast Augmentation, meaning both breast implant and fat grafting technologies are utilized during the same procedure.

Breast Augmentation Vs. VASER Hi Def Breast Sculpting

After breast augmentation surgery, many women will notice they still have unflattering fatty tissue. Without physically removing the fat, the lateral portion of the implant and a well-defined breast is obstructed. The patient merely has larger breast volume but fails to achieve the “perfect breast,” – youthful, round and distinct.

Ultrasound-Image Guided Fat Augmentation Technique (UIGFAT) pioneered by Dr. Millard to make fat grafting, as seen here in the breast, more effective, and much safer than previous blind techniques of fat grafting.

Breast augmentation versus vaser hi def breast sculpting

This illustration demonstrates that Sub-dermal Only VASER-Assisted Lipoplasty can be accomplished for mild levels of skin tightening and breast lifting. It can be a powerful addition to a slightly ptotic (Droopy) Breast that has already been lifted one to two centimeters with a breast implant augmentation.

VASER® Breast Augmentation Pioneer

Dr. Millard who pioneered and was the first plastic surgeon to perform VASER® Hi Def Liposuction in the United States, has now expanded this revolutionary technique by developing VASER® Hi Def Breast Augmentation.

This technique, similar to its sister procedure (VASER Hi Def Liposuction & 4D VASER Hi Def Liposuction), combines a strong understanding of the human body and a great appreciation of the arts. To sculpt the perfect breasts, the surgeon needs to have a highly trained aesthetic eye and absolute precision as to which fat cells to remove and which fat cells to leave.