Breast Revision

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Many women who live in Colorado seek Dr. John Millard for breast revision surgery because of his expertise and excellent results.

About Breast Revision

colorado-breast-implant-removalBreast revision is a cosmetic procedure to remove and replace implants that were placed in the breasts during a breast augmentation surgery. There are numerous reasons why women exchange their implants, the most popular being a routine implant exchange. Breast implants are not meant to remain in the breasts indefinitely; they have a lifespan of roughly 10 years. Other reasons for removal and replacement include desire for aesthetic change or medical complication such as implant rupture.

Dr. Millard is able to perform breast revision along with other breast procedures such as a breast lift, or body procedures like a tummy tuck for additional body contouring. If this is a procedure that interests you because of cosmetic enhancement curiosity, an unforeseen medical complication has appeared, or the 10 year mark has come along, please feel free to request a private consultation today at Millard Plastic Surgery.

Reasons to Get a Breast Revision

Breast implants are changed for either medical or aesthetic reasonings. Below are the most common factors that prompt women to undergo breast revision surgery.


The FDA advises that breast implants should be replaced or removed no later than 10 years. Many women at the 10 year mark come in to replace their implants with the same size and type implants because they are satisfied with their enhanced look, and just need to remain safe and up to date.

Cosmetic Change

Cosmetic change is a very common desire among breast augmentation patients. Women who come in at the 10 year mark may come for breast removal and replacement with larger or smaller sized implants. The desire to sport a new size can come earlier than the mandatory removal and replacement date, which is perfectly fine; just contact the office to set up a consultation.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a condition in which the natural lining around the breast implant contracts, causing potential pain and/or the implant to rupture. This natural lining, or capsule, is a formation of collagen fibers and tissue. The body creates this in response to the foreign item (implant) as an attempt to separate it from the body. Capsule formation around the implants is completely normal, but its tightening and shrinkage, although on the rare side, can be potentially harmful.

It is not always obvious that a capsular contracture has formed, as it can present in varying degrees. The Baker Scale categorizes capsular contracture in four grades. Grade 1 represents a breast that is normal in shape and feel. Grade 2 represents a breast that is still normal in shape, but slightly firm to the touch. Grade 3 represents a breast that is beginning to look misshapen and has hardened more. Grade 4 represents a breast that is deformed to a larger degree and is substantially firm.

Women who think they may be experiencing a capsular contracture can come in for a consultation examination with Dr. Millard. If he finds that the implant needs to be replaced, breast revision surgery can be performed to remove the capsule and implant, and replace a new implant.

Implant Rupture

Again, implant rupturing is not a normal happening, but an implant is a medical device so there is the rare chance it can fail. Breast implants may also rupture due to injury or extreme force. Symptoms of an implant rupture are not always obvious; they can range from a silent rupture, which has no symptoms, to a physical decrease in breast size due to deflation. If a rupture occurs, gel or fluid can stay trapped in the capsule, while in other cases it can break past the capsule and enter the body. Routine checkups with Dr. Millard are important to make sure that your breast implants are intact and everything is going smoothly.

Repositioning the Nipple

After having breast implants for a while, there is a slight chance that they may “bottom out”, meaning that the nipple appears high and the inframammary fold becomes very low. This is more common in patients with thin breast tissue since the weight of a large implant can pull the breast downward. Breast movement can also pull the nipple down, causing a low-positioned areola. In these cases, a removal and replacement can be performed with an areola repositioning, since the circumareolar incision (around the areola) will most likely be used for the implant replacement. By making this incision, the doctor has the ability the move the areola high, lower, or make the areola smaller if the patient desires. Please discuss this option with Dr. Millard during your initial consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate.

Who is a Candidate for Breast Revision?

Candidates for breast revision surgery are breast augmentation patients who would like to change their implants because they want an aesthetic change, a medical complication has occurred, or it is simply time. There is no age restriction for this procedure, so long as the patient is in good health. Please feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. John Millard to see if you are a suitable candidate. You can also inquire about his VASER Hi Def breast augmentation alternative to breast enlargement.

Breast Revision Options

There are two techniques Dr. Millard can use when performing breast revision. One method uses the insertion of breast implants, while the other injects purified fat into the breast.


Breast Augmentation with Implants

Standard removal and replacement of implants is the most common breast revision technique performed. This straightforward procedure removes the old implants by making an incision along your original breast augmentation incision location, and then replaces them with the same size, larger, or small breast implants. The replacement implants will have already been decided at the initial consultation. This technique does not involve liposuction, but it can be performed if the patient desires more body contouring.


VASER Hi Def Breast Augmentation

As an expert in all things VASER, Dr. Millard offers VASER Hi Def breast augmentation as an option for breast revision. Rather than re-inserting new implants, after the old implants are removed, Dr. Millard performs liposuction on your choice of body area, purifies the harvested fat, and injects it into your breasts. Depending on the original sized implants you had, this procedure can provide you with a similar bust size. If you desire a large increase in size, this may not be the right technique for you. VASER Hi Def breast augmentation is however a great choice for women looking for a modest increase in size who also want to contour their body. The liposuction performed to harvest the fat will slim and define whatever area liposuction is performed on.


Implant Removal

Not everybody wants to replace their implants when they decide to remove their originals. Some women wish to return to their original bust size, so in this case an implant removal procedure can be performed. Other breast procedures such as a breast lift can be performed to maintain a perky bust, although volume will not be increased.


Your Consultation

Your consultation with Dr. Millard is the time you will discuss your desired breast revision options, such as the technique and size. Dr. Millard will perform an examination and offer his expert opinion as to which technique he believes will give you the outcome you are looking for.

implant-removal-surgeryIf you are returning for a removal and replacement of implants because it time, you can either choose to exchange them for the same exact implants, or choose a larger or smaller size. Other options include implant composition and profile. If you are looking for a more modest but still increase in size from your natural bust, VASER Hi Def breast augmentation may be a good technique for your breast revision.

Your medical history and past mammograms will be evaluated to make sure that nothing drastic has changed since your last breast revision or breast augmentation, and you are healthy for another surgical procedure. Questions pertaining to your breast revision surgery such as the procedure itself, individual preparation tools, postoperative care, and price will gladly be answered at your consultation.

Postoperative Recovery

After your breast revision surgery, a compression garment or a surgical bra will be placed on you to help support the surgical site. Drains may be placed to accumulate any excess fluids; special care instructions will be provided until they are removed a few days following surgery. You are able to return home with the transportation of a friend or family member, where you will rest for the next three to five days. There should be no rush back into daily activities, although walking to circulate the blood speeds up the healing process. Patients can expect to hold off on strenuous physical activity for at least four to six weeks.


Breast revision surgery pricing is based on the technique underwent and any addition of complementing procedures such as a tummy tuck. Please request a consultation in order to receive a custom quote.