VASER Hi Def Thighs, Knees, Calves & Ankles

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VASER Hi Def’s overnight success quickly extended the technology to other parts of the body such as; inner and outer thighs, knees, calves and ankles. People’s goal of achieving a lean appearance in this body region, made VASER Hi Def the ideal solution.

Five Steps Of VASER Hi Def For Legs


  • Step 1: Subdermal Fat Removal
  • Step 2: Deep Fat Compartment Removal
  • Step 3: Partial Fat Removal from the Superficial Fat Compartment and Superficial Fat Reshaping, and Muscle Definition enhancement between muscle groups
  • Step 4: Intramuscular Fat Grafting — To enhance muscle size, projection and shape.
  • Step 5: Subdermal Fat Grafting — Enhances projection and tightness of skin, which enhances youthfulness.


Depending on your unique fat pockets, your deep fat will first be removed. Depending on your determined goals, this is usually followed by strategically removing certain areas of your circumferential subdermal fat (360 around your leg, below the skin). Certain areas of subdermal fat are left in your legs to enhance muscle definition.

It’s important to note that deep fat is not continuous in the body, but located in separate pocket areas.

Primary Pockets Of Deep Fat:

  • Central Abdomen
  • Flank areas

Superficial fat is continuous for 360 degrees around the legs, thighs, calves, knees and ankles.

Surgeons who do not work in the subdermal or superficial fat compartments are missing a large area of visible fat on the body.


Intramuscular Fat Grafting

Your obtained fat cells are sterilized and reinserted strategically into various muscle areas. This is a useful tool to enhance muscle projection, enhancement and size.

Subdermal Fat Grafting

A useful technique to fine tune shape over muscles, enhance tightness and projection of shape of the skin over muscles.

Dr. Millard uses autologous fat grafting to enhance calves (gastrocnemius) and thigh muscles (lateral and medial quadriceps). This sculpting medium is also used in gluteal enhancements, breast enhancements and in many other muscles of the body.

The illustration represents fat grafting into and over the lateral and medial “Quadriceps” Thigh Muscles.
The illustration represents fat grafting into the lateral and medial “Gastrocnemius” calf Muscles.
The lower illustration represents fat grafting into and over the lateral and medial “Gastrocnemius” Thigh Muscles.

Before and After Photos