VASER and Liposculpture Worldwide Training

When John Millard, MD began conducting VASER and Liposculpture Worldwide Training September, 2005, he did so with the belief that liposculpture training was an unfulfilled necessity and undiscovered opportunity in its current state.

Although liposuction is currently the number one performed surgical procedure in the United States, it is based primarily on an increasing demand for the procedure by those seeking a thinner body versus any technological advancements and guarantees of ultimate success. Over the preceding thirty years, fundamentally both the technique and the technology had not had any significant changes.

Mission & Goal

It is the mission of Dr. Millard’s Worldwide Training Program to capitalize on any new advances in liposculpture technology and create as much change in the industry as in each potential body form. The latest advancements in ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty and laser lipoplasty technology are included in our courses.

About VASER and Liposculpture Worldwide Training

Dr. Millard’s Worldwide Training Program began with the understanding that there was a disconnect between the education a surgeon needed to succeed in the arena of body sculpting, and what options were currently available for surgeons looking to enhance their skill levels.

Although liposuction is one of the most popular surgical procedures performed in the United States, there is an unfortunate lack of quality providers. This gap exists because liposuction growth has been fueled by public demand for the procedure, forcing many less-than-qualified surgeons into the category. Although results may be typical, these surgeons have not invested the time, energy and resources needed to understand how to truly provide the amazing aesthetic results achievable with the latest technology innovations in liposuction.

Our Worldwide Training Program promises to stay at the forefront of liposculpture technology and innovation, fueling the growth and progression of the industry. Our goal is to make only the most educated surgeons, and the most progressive technologies the standard of liposuction care in the world.

It is the mission of Dr. Millard’s World Wide Training Program to provide surgeons looking to improve their skill level and understanding of liposuction as an art form the education and resources needed to help them succeed. Our students will become masters of ‘liposculpture’ body contouring, taking the technology and technique to new heights in form and results.

Taking Your Skill As A Surgeon To The Next Level

Why limit oneself to ‘sucking out fat’ and simply reducing the size of the deformity when it is possible to sculpt and rebuild a body section, as when working with marble?

In the mind of most plastic surgeons, liposuction is a non-creative, non-artistic, mundane procedure that requires little skill and training. This is due to the limitations that traditional liposuction imposes when one confines themselves to deep fat removal only. With the combination of technology, surgical skill, artistry, and the understanding of human anatomy, the real definition of liposculpture can be realized.

In essence, our training courses focus on three primary objectives: art and beauty, fat anatomy, and how to put available technologies to best use.

Introduce A New Revenue Stream Into Your Practice

Hi-definition liposculpture is an advanced liposuction technique that enhances the visibility of well-toned muscles. It is intended for generally fit men and women who seek greater visibility of their muscular detail and has the potential to lead to significant practice expansion by introducing a new demographic group to this procedure.

Hands-On Curriculum

The perfection of any form of artistry requires practice. Whenever possible and after being credentialed by our surgery center, our Worldwide Training courses provide attending physicians with the opportunity to practice your new skills with hands-on live cases. Only physicians licensed in the United States and its territories who provide professional liability in their specialty are able to participate in the hands-on portion of the domestic training courses; international physicians and physician assistants will be permitted to observe live cases. All physicians may participate in international courses.