Thigh Lift

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Patients who lose weight rapidly and have resulting sagging skin may be embarrassed to show off their newly slimmed body. Using the advanced body sculpting techniques Dr. John Millard has pioneered, patients can now achieve the body contour they desire.

What is a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift, or thighplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to reshape and contour the upper thigh by removing excess skin and tissue. Loose, hanging skin is very common after weight loss and can cause a patient to feel uncomfortable with their appearance when they should be feeling proud. Using advanced thigh lift techniques and innovative technology, Dr. Millard will remove excess skin to sculpt the area and create a smooth, tightened contour to show off the patient’s newly slimmed thighs. In some cases, VASER Hi Def liposuction will also be performed to address fat deposits resistant to exercise and diet for added thigh definition.

Why Choose Dr. Millard

Before Dr. Millard finished his training, he did a fellowship with Dr. Ted Lockwood. This is something he rarely allowed surgeons to do with him. Dr. Lockwood essentially invented/pioneered almost all of the body and thigh lifting procedures used today. He also pioneered the use of liposuction into these procedures. Before this, liposuction at the same time was considered unsafe.

Dr. Millard’s main contribution was the VASER technology and the VASER Hi Def techniques to these procedures; technology and techniques that lead to faster recovery and further improved safety. There is also less pain and risk of complications, in addition to more “Athletic” appearing results. He almost always incorporates this into his thigh lift procedures and uses his training with Dr. Lockwood to provide fantastic results.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

An ideal candidate for thigh lift surgery is a healthy man or woman with excess skin around the inner and outer thigh area due to weight loss. There are many factors that need to be considered when determining if a patient would be an ideal candidate:

  • Does the patient have enough lax skin for removal?
  • Is the patient healthy, both physically and mentally?
  • Is the patient’s weight stable?
  • Does the patient smoke or consume alcohol?
  • Is the patient prepared for lifestyle changes, such as healthy diet and regular fitness?
  • Does the patient have realistic expectations for the surgical procedure?
  • It is important to meet with the doctor to determine if a thigh lift is the best treatment option for the individual patient. It is recommended that patients reach their weight loss goal before scheduling a consultation. That way a detailed surgical plan can be created.

    There are many other factors that go into determining each patient’s candidacy. To see if thighplasty is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Millard to discuss your personal surgical goals.

    How is a Thigh Lift Performed?

    There are a variety of thigh lift techniques to address a wide variety of cases.

    During the consultation, Dr. Millard will offer his expert advice as to which technique he believes will provide the patient with their desired results. A customized surgical plan will be drawn from that conclusion.

    On the day of the surgery, the patient will be prepped and the surgical site will be cleaned. The doctor will then mark the incision locations, and the anesthesiologist will administer the decided upon anesthetic. Depending on the technique, incisions will be made near the groin, on the inside of the thigh, or near the hip. VASER Lipo is almost always incorporated for optimal results.


    Inner Thigh Lift

    The inner thigh lift is a technique performed on patients with excess skin just on their inner thighs. When the inner skin laxity is excessive, a vertical incision is added down to the knees. This is referred to as a vertical thigh lift. The result is slimmer thighs and the desirable “thigh gap.”

    Medial Thigh Lift

    This technique involves incisions on both sides of the groin, extending back to the buttock crease. Medial thigh lifts are used for patients with upper and inner skin laxity. This particular incision pattern camouflages any resulting scars in natural creases.

    Outer Thigh Lift

    Also known as a lateral or bilateral thigh lift, this technique uses incisions on both hips that extend forward and backward. The outer thigh lift offers dramatic contoured results. This is often combined with the posterior buttocks lift and is commonly referred to as the “Body Lift.”

    Mini Thigh Lift

    Patients who have mild skin laxity on the upper third of the thigh would benefit most from this technique. A mini thigh lift utilizes a shorter incision near the groin area. This technique leaves the least amount of scarring.

    Spiral Thigh Lift

    This technique addresses the entire thigh area including, front, outer, back, and inner thigh areas. The incisions are made under the natural crease of the buttocks.

    Posterior Thigh Lift (Butt Lift)

    The posterior thigh lift addresses the back of the thigh as well as lower buttock area, where skin may be excessively sagging. This technique can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

    Once the appropriate amount of skin has been removed and tissue repositioned, Dr. Millard will then suture the incisions. Bandages and a compression garment will then be placed to dress the area. After surgery, the patient is taken to a recovery room where they will be tended to as they slowly wake from the anesthesia. The results of a thigh lift are immediate, but continue to improve over the course of a year. The surgical plan varies from patient to patient, so some patients surgeries may include additional procedures such as a body lift, tummy tuck, or VASER HI Def liposuction to name a few.

    Thigh Lift with VASER Hi Def Lipo

    A thigh lift typically only addresses loose excess skin, but Dr. Millard will often add VASER Hi Def Lipo as part of the surgery for enhanced results.

    VASER Hi Def Lipo, also known as ultrasound-assisted liposuction, is a special liposuction technique that Dr. Millard pioneered. It uses ultrasound wavelengths to vibrate tumescent fluid air pockets and destroy fat cells in the targeted area. By doing so, the fat deposits are easier to remove, making it more comfortable of a procedure for the patient.

    While it is recommended that patients reach their weight loss goal before undergoing thigh lift surgery, stubborn fat deposits may still be present. These are the cases where adding VASER Lipo can be greatly beneficial to the final results. Not only will the thigh skin be tighter, but also smoother. This is due to the combination of Dr. Millard’s skills and of VASER’s integrated skin tightening technology. While VASER suctions out fat, it also stimulates collagen production which in turn tightens and smooths the targeted skin.


    The recovery time after a thigh lift varies depending on technique performed and the patient’s overall health and response to surgery. After the surgery, patients will be dressed in bandages and compression garments to help the thighs form to their new contour as well as reduce swelling. The compression bandages should be worn for several weeks; Dr. Millard will give the exact amount of time to each patient based on their individual case. Small, thin tubes are typically placed at the incision sites temporarily to allow for any fluid or blood to drain out into small containers and reduce bruising and swelling.

    The patient will be given specific aftercare instructions, but general instructions include how to properly care for the incision sites at home, how to empty the drains, and when to follow up with Dr. Millard. Prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics will be provided after surgery as well.

    The first 24 hours after the surgery, the patient will need to have an adult around to help them with daily tasks and aftercare instructions. Patients are not allowed to sit for several days to avoid disrupting the surgical site and prevent blood clots from forming. Light, easy walks are recommended to prevent blood clots as well.

    The following 48 hours after surgery the patient will be able to carefully wash the thigh area. A week after surgery the patient will typically to follow up with Dr. Millard to see how the thighs are healing as well as check sutures and drain. 2-3 weeks after initial surgery, the patient will again follow up for care, during this time drains and sutures will be removed if not already done so.

    The month following surgery, patients will notice a significant decrease in swelling and bruising, if not their disappearance altogether. After 6 weeks, most patients can begin to resume physical activities and exercise. There will be some scarring which will fade over time. Thigh lift surgery is extremely effective at smoothing and tightening the skin. It is important though to maintain a healthy lifestyle complete with diet and exercise to help make results last.


    Once a patient has determined that they are interested in a thigh lift, the next step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Millard to discuss the different techniques and create a customized surgical plan suited for the patient’s specific needs.

    During the consultation, patients will discuss their surgical goals and be evaluated to determine if they are a qualified candidate.

    Dr. Millard will evaluate each patient by performing a physical exam which will include measurements, assessment of skin quality, and detection of localized fat deposits. The doctor may discuss potential additional or alternative procedures that may better accomplish the desired result. He will also use this time to answer questions, address any concerns, and provide a price quote.


    Dr. Millard is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who uses his deep knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy to recommend the best surgical techniques and create a custom, individualized body sculpting plan. With that said, each individualized plan is a different price. In order to receive your custom quote, please request a consultation with Dr. John Millard. He looks forward to helping each of his patients on their body sculpting journeys.