Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft Infusion System

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Your own fat can be collected and re-distributed in a wide variety of places in your body. This is an excellent way to contour both the donor and treatment site, resulting in a more contoured figure overall.

When fat is traditionally collected for fat grafting, or an “autologous fat” transfer, it is collected and re-inserted via needle and syringe. With traditional fat transfer methods, it is still possible for contamination or loss of viable fat to occur. At Millard Plastic Surgery, we employ the Wells Johnson High Volume Precision (HVP) Auto-Graft Infusion System.

The Wells Johnson High Volume Precision (HVP) Auto-Graft Infusion System is a highly customizable, streamlined, and self-contained fat collection and insertion device. The Wells HVP System is a vital component of all fat transfer procedures performed at Millard Plastic Surgery. Thanks to the Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft Infusion System, we can offer our patients not only cutting-edge results, but also peace of mind.

If you are considering a body contouring procedure with fat grafting, we invite you to call Millard Plastic Surgery to schedule your complimentary consultation and to find out more about what the Wells HVP System can do for your treatment experience.

About the Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft Infusion System

The Wells Johnson High Volume Precision Auto-Graft Infusion System is used during fat transfer procedures to collect a high volume of fat, as hygienically and gently as possible. Due to the fact that each component of the Wells HVP system is designed to keep harvested fat sterile and safely contained from start to finish, it is an ideal way to guarantee the safest, long-lasting results for our patients.

Highlights of the Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft System include:

Cutting-Edge Cannula Design

The system consists of two types of cannulas, harvesting and re-injection cannulas. These cannulas are designed uniquely for their specific task of collecting and re-inserting a large volume of live tissue. They are designed especially for compatibility, with corresponding port sizes. This guarantees that the access points of the body remain as small and consistent a size as possible.


Safe Tubing Transfer

The aspiration and re-injection tubing used to perform the procedure is disposable after each use, pre-packaged, and tested for high-performance.


Efficient Tissue Collection

The Wells Johnson HVP System also offers a range of High Volume Collection Canisters. Depending on the scale of your fat transfer procedure, your doctor has the option of using a 1L, 2L, 3L or 5L canister. The canister is designed to hold onto the desired tissue, while it allows unwanted fluids to drain from the base of the canister. The canister is also designed to accommodate the adjustable flow setting of the system.


Gentle Tissue Processing

A Vibrator Tissue Separator, or VTS, separates the harvested tissue into its usable components using low-level vibration. This eliminates centrifugal forces from the process and accelerates the rate at which the fat and fluids separate. Tissue can be separated without interruption during active fat harvesting.


HVP Autograft Infuser

This unit enables precise control of the pump speed, flow pressure, pulse rate, and pulse volume of the HVP system. The Autograft Infuser makes the tissue re-injection process safer and more efficient. This feature can guarantee that the body is exposed to the same controlled levels of pressure and pulse during the re-injection as during the tissue harvesting.

The design of the Wells Johnson HVP System makes it easy to control, as well as to sterilize. You can be confident that you will receive results that not only look beautiful, they will also be accepted safely by your body, thanks to the system’s hygienic preparation of your fat.

Benefits of the Wells Johnson HVP System

What does the cutting-edge Wells Johnson HVP System mean for our patients’ experience?

Thanks to the use of the Wells Johnson HVP System for fat transfer, patients can enjoy:

A Shorter Procedure

The Vibrator Tissue Separator processes your harvested tissue more quickly than traditional methods, without the need to subject the material to centrifugal force. This means that your fat is cleaned and ready to be applied for body contouring in less time.


More Viable Fat

Due to the fact that the harvested fat stays within the Wells HVP System from when it leaves your body until when it is reintroduced, there is no opportunity for your tissue to be contaminated or compromised. The system is capable of collecting and preparing a large volume of fat in order to enable your best contouring results. While our body will not accept 100% of fat transferred, it has a higher chance of accepting the outcomes accomplished with a Wells HVP System for your fat graft.


Less Strain on Your Body

The Wells HVP System allows patients to have a quicker recovery. The system’s uniquely-designed cannula contains a long, continuous tube, or lumen, which is designed to reduce the physical strain on the body by helping maintain continuous and smooth pressure when collecting or delivering tissue.

Procedures Performed with the Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft Infusion System

Fat Transfer

Patients now have the option to contour their body not with implants or foreign substances, but with their own natural stores of fat!

Your body is more likely to accept the appearance achieved with this type of procedure. The outcomes also last far longer than most other synthetic volumizing and contouring procedures: your body eventually absorbs dermal filler serums, and implants can require regular maintenance. Your own fat is familiar to your body, and thus more likely to stay in its new position for the long-term.

A fat transfer has the added benefit of accomplishing the results of two procedures in one: the area where your fat is collected will also become slimmer. The donation site will take on a smoother, more contoured appearance, in addition to the natural-looking reshaping that will be accomplished in your breasts, butt, or other desired area.

Your body will not accept all the fat that is introduced into the area being contoured.

The results of a fat transfer for the body will depend on your “volume retention.” Your body on average will accept 50 to 70% of your grafted fat. We take care to fill your desired area with this fat survival ratio in mind. Thanks to years of experience, we know just what a patient’s fat transfer procedure requires to deliver the outcomes the patient wants.

Factors like age, sex, skin laxity, the specific treatment area, smoking, medication use, and your overall lifestyle can affect your body’s ability to accept the transferred fat. Your surgeon will speak with you before your procedure about these factors and the anticipated results of your transfer.


Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

If you are worried about the negative side effects of having an implant in your body, a breast augmentation through fat transfer can be your ideal means of adding attractive volume and shape to your breasts.

A fat transfer adds symmetry and volume to the breasts, in addition to improving the appearance of cleavage.

Once your tissue has been collected with the Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft Infusion system, it will be processed real-time through an air-tight system to ensure that the fat remains as viable as possible. The fat will be carefully inserted into the breast, in order to achieve your ideal results. This type of breast augmentation will typically increase the breast by one size, but the results will be attractively shaped, and look and feel natural.

The areas of your body where the fat is harvested will also be thoughtfully contoured. By artfully slimming this area, we give patients a more smooth, shaped figure overall.

A fat transfer to the breasts achieves long-term results. Unlike breast augmentation achieved with implants, which come with the concerns of leaks, you are far more likely to accept the transferred fat without issue and enjoy the results comfortably for years to come.


Brazilian Butt Lift

Sometimes, no matter how healthy someone eats or how hard they work out, they may still feel unsatisfied with the way their buttocks look. A Brazilian Butt Lift is a highly popular procedure that adds volume, improves the shape, and increases the lift of the buttocks. This is a good option for patients who have sagging in their buttocks, have lost a lot of weight, or have naturally flatter buttocks, as well as for women who wish their buttocks had better shape and symmetry overall.

The liposuction plus the buttocks augmentation will create a more hourglass figure.

In order to achieve a Brazilian Butt Lift, tissue will be liposuctioned with the Wells HVP cannula. The areas vary from patient to patient, but common choices are the lower back, hips, flanks, and upper thighs. This will slim the areas around the buttocks, making the achieved lift and volume look more dramatic. Your tissue, which will be safely collected and processed, will be carefully inserted into the buttocks in order to not only increase the buttock size but to also target and smooth areas where your fat may be sitting unevenly beneath your skin.


Brozilian Butt Lift

Female patients are not the only ones who would like to improve the appearance of their buttocks: fat transfer for augmentation of the buttocks, also known as a Brozilian Butt Lift, is becoming increasingly popular with male patients. Unlike female patients, who prefer a rounder, softer buttocks appearance, the ideal male buttock is more square, firm, and athletic. Dr. Millard, a pioneer in liposuction methods and technologies, achieves this desired aesthetic by inserting the patient’s own fat into the buttocks.

The tissue for a Brozilian Butt Lift will be liposuctioned from the patient’s hips, thighs, flanks, or abdomen, and processed for safe re-insertion with the Wells HVP Auto-Graft Infusion System. The end result is a more toned, lifted, masculine buttocks, and a more athletic, healthy figure overall.

Candidates for Fat Transfer for the Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft Infusion System

If you are considering a breast augmentation, buttocks lift, or any other body contouring procedure, a fat transfer at Millard Plastic Surgery may be the best, safest option for you.

You are a good candidate for a fat transfer with the Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft Infusion System if:

  • You are a non-smoker.
  • You are in overall good health and do not have a pre-existing condition that could interfere with your ability to heal.
  • You are at or are close to your goal weight.
  • You have realistic expectations of the results of a body contouring procedure.

At Millard Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality care and outcomes for our patients. If you would like to learn more about what a fat transfer procedure with the Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft Infusion System can do for you, call our helpful staff today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Your Consultation

Dr. John Millard is internationally renowned for his expertise in both breast and liposuction procedures.

Dr. Millard’s well-trained eye and hand and artistic vision combined with the cutting-edge Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft Infusion System, deliver patients their desired beautiful results, safely. Dr. Millard will tailor a treatment to each individual patient, based on the decisions made during your consultation.

This one-on-one meeting is an excellent opportunity to ask any questions you may have about fat transfer and the Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft System. Dr. Millard will want to discuss your medical history, your overall lifestyle, and your goals for your appearance, in order to make sure you will have your ideal recovery and results.

You deserve to feel proud of your body! Call Millard Plastic Surgery today to learn more about how you can transform your physique with your own fat, thanks to the cutting-edge fat grafting Wells Johnson HVP System.


Due to the fact that the tissue used in your body contouring procedure is your own, your body is more likely to accept the results achieved with your fat transfer without complication. Your odds of a successful recovery and optimum results go up ten-fold after a procedure performed with the Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft Infusion System, at the hands of our highly experienced surgeons at Millard Plastic Surgery. The results achieved with the Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft Infusion System will last for years to come!