4D VASER Hi Def Liposuction

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Pioneered by Dr. Millard, 4D VASER Hi Definition Liposuction adds a fat transfer component to VASER Hi Def Liposuction.

Similar to a world-class sculptor who uses a medium (clay for example) to achieve beauty, we have pioneered ways of incorporating a patient’s own fat (autologous fat transfer (AFT) to fine tune nearly any part of their body.

This is done by extracting purified fat and re-inserting the fat strategically to sculpt precise definition. Utilizing the purified fat (as a sculpting medium) allows a surgeon to provide you with a defined result that would otherwise be impossible.

Ideal forms of beauty are achieved by the subtraction and addition of fat tissue. Michelangelo once said,”The highest object of art, is man,” we couldn’t agree more.



The idea of ‘beauty’ has and will continue to undergo evolutional change. However the ideals will always maintain harmony & form; hourglass figure, slim waist, v-shaped torso and specific muscular definition is consistently sought after (by men and women) all over the world.

Art’s Influence

Body sculpting can be traced back to over 35,000 years ago with the discovery of Venus of Hole Fel. Venus of Hole Fel is the earliest known work of figurative art. Perfected by the Ancient Greeks and by Sculptors of the Renaissance, Dr. Millard was the first to bring these techniques over to America.

“Sculpting For Surgeons” Training

Dr. Millard has also long advocated for Plastic Surgeons to be taught the discipline of “Artistic Anatomy,” a lobbying effort which resulted in the “Sculpting For Surgeons” course taught by the world renowned teachers of Artistic Anatomy, Andrew Cawrse and Peter Schmid.

VASER Technology


4D VASER Hi-Def patients are marked for superficial compartments (muscle area) deflation, as well as the spaces between the muscles to account for. A ‘surgeon sculptor’ is able to utilize a whole new world of options when this particular set of clay / sculpture tools are added to his arsenal. 4D-VASER Hi Def provides surgeons with a state-of-the-art fat filtration and collection system.


VASER’s state-of-the-art laser utilizes ultrasonic waves to break down fat tissue. This gently breaks apart adipose tissue, reduces heat generation and nearly eliminates any chance of trauma to the surrounding tissues.

Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT)

Your adipose (fat) tissue will be collected as ‘clay.’ This provides your surgeon with an all-natural sculpting medium.

Once your sterilized fat tissue is collected and filtrated, your doctor will (if trained properly) strategically reinsert the fat under ultrasound guidance.

Light Component

Components Of Light is used to identify each patient’s unique musculoskeletal curves and anatomy. These findings are used to mark each patient for their own ‘Unique Body Contouring and Body Sculpting Experience’.

In marking the patient and throughout the procedure, Dr. Millard uses the Promaster LED light studio for all of his VASER Hi-Def & 4D VASER Hi-Def marking techniques. This mobile lighting system helps highlight many aspects of the patient’s form.

4D VASER Hi Def Liposuction

Vaser-Emulsification-3-11-300x216Traditional liposuction techniques extract fat in a very limited fashion. By only removing deep fat tissue, traditional methods cannot shape and sculpt the body (which appears at the superficial and subdermal layers) like 4D VASER Hi Def Liposuction can.

These traditional methods (at only the deep fat layers) makes defined body sculpting nearly impossible.

VASER Probe Advances

The early designs of ultrasonic cannulas concentrated the energy onto the front of the probe and were at a very high intensity.

The VASER Ultrasonic Probe tip evenly distributes energy around the tip circumference allowing for a higher area of contact (at a lower intensity). Dr. Millard went on to improve this design with the VASER V-5 (5-Ring) Probes.

Benefits Of Seeking Out A 4-D VASER Hi Def Liposculpture Surgeon

  • Surgeon will have a comprehensive understanding of “Muscular Form” & “Artistic Anatomy”.
  • Understanding of how muscles in motion contribute to outward body topography and appearance.
  • Incorporation of light, much as Leonardo DaVinci used the light at dusk to light his models.

Apogee Definition ex: 6-Apogee (Pack) Abs

vaser-male-289x300An ‘Apogee’ is the highest point or trajectory of a muscle bulge. Apogee’s are never centered, but closer to the insertion of the muscle. This unique curvature changes along the length of the muscle and is moved upon contracting the muscle. This is referred to as ‘dynamic apogee‘.

Before every 4D VASER Hi-Def abdominal sculpting procedure, a patient is marked for each ab convex. The length, tilt, curve and fullness (or tautness) of each ab is evaluated and marked. The utilization of AFT (abdominal fat transfer) is used to restore these apogees or ‘fullness’.

Vaser Tools

Revolutionary Fat Extraction Cannulas and V5 VASER (5-Ring) Probe Design: Built on the idea of VentX, these high tech fat removal cannulas are designed to be the most “atraumatic“. They can safely navigate connective tissues, blood vessels and lymphatics, while removing fat.

Instrument Innovation Benefits

  • Less pain and bruising
  • Less blood loss
  • Faster recovery
  • Less risk of bumps and lumps
  • More aggressive results (in a safer manner)

Promaster LED Light Studio

Dynamic-Lighting-300x254The Light Studio allows for an ‘Advanced Marking Technique‘ that we use in 4D VASER Hi Def procedures. The unique 3D lighting highlights unique curvatures throughout the body. This allows the sculpting surgeon to precisely define where fat should be removed and re-inserted to deliver you premium results.

TouchView Diagnostic Ultrasound Guidance For Safe Fat Transfer

Ultrasound-Imaging-Device-300x197Ultrasound-Image-Guided Fat Augmentation Technique (UIGFAT) is an ultrasound assistant. This essentially ensures that fat is re-entering the body in the precise location your surgeon intends it to go.

This technique increases the safety of fat grafting, as it also visualizes the blood vessels in the area helping the surgeon to avoid these.

Lack Of Cannula Clarity

Echogenic-Cannula-300x86Dr. Millard discovered that it was hard to see cannulas under this ultrasound guidance so he designed different cannulas that are easier to see. These are called the Millard Echogenic Cannula, which incorporates many revolutionary changes and benefits:

1. Square Cannulas to increase reflection of the ultrasound signal.

2. Divits, like one would see in a golfball to reflect more ultrasound energy.

3. Beveled hole design to minimize trauma to both the fat injected and to the surrounding blood vessels, lymphatics, and connective tissue.

4. Ultrasound-Guided Fat Grafting to the Gluteal Muscle is “Much Safer” & “More Precise”

5. Ultrasound-Guided Fat Grafting to the Superficial Fat is “Much Safer” & “More Precise” and increases the control of “Shaping” the Buttocks

6. Ultrasound-Guided Fat Grafting to the Gluteal Muscle is “Much Safer” & “More Precise”, because the surgeon can see the “Dangerous” Blood Vessels to “Avoid” during fat grafting!