VASER Hi Def Shoulders & Arms

Offered at our convenient location in Denver

VASER Hi Def Liposculpture advancements rapidly extended to the arm and shoulder. Patient’s goal of achieving a lean appearance in their upper arms and shoulder made VASER Hi Def the ideal solution.


5 Levels VASER Hi Def Lipo:

Level 1: Subdermal Fat Removal

Level 2: Deep Fat Compartment Removal

Level 3: Partial Fat Removal from the Superficial Fat Compartment and Superficial Fat Reshaping, and Muscle Definition enhancement between muscle groups

Level 4: Intramuscular Fat Grafting — To enhance muscle size, projection and shape.

Level 5: Subdermal Fat Grafting — Enhances projection and tightness of skin, which enhances youthfulness.



Step 1: Circumferential Subdermal Fat Removal — Circumferential subdermal fat is removed first. This results in circumferential skin tightening and ‘shrinkage’.

Step 2: Blue — Deep Fat removal from the “Lower” half of the arm. The “Upper” half of the arm has no deep fat compartment; only a superficial fat compartment.

Step 3: Orange — Superficial Fat Removal

Step 4: Purple — Subdermal Fat Removal


Intramuscular “Deltoid” muscle fat grafting


Intramuscular “Deltoid” and Subdermal Fat Grafting


Intramuscular “Bicep” and “Tricep” muscle fat grafting


Intramuscular “Bicep” and “Tricep” and Subdermal Fat Grafting

Before & After Photos