Get Moving at Bluffs Regional Park

Looking for a way to stay in shape between your treatments at Millard Plastic Surgery? There are a number of reasons why Bluffs Regional Park may be the place for you. Check out the many amenities of this local park, and why it is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Bluffs Regional Park

One of the best amenities to living in Colorado is the fact that you never have to travel far to see some of the most breathtaking views in the state. Bluffs Regional Park is a definite testament to that fact. This lovely hiking spot is just a hop, skip and jump from the city, but just a few feet in and you will remember why Colorado is the outdoor lover’s dream. Majestic vistas on one side transform into scenic giants of another kind as you take in the Denver skyline. The rolling hills of the 2.7-mile trail offer all new adventures in natural Colorado habitat and (if you’re lucky) native wildlife.

Getting a Workout

The 2.7-mile loop may seem like a tame distance to some fitness buffs, but that is before you work in the many inclines that are sure to give your calves a workout. A soft, crushed gravel surface makes this a popular spot for runners, walkers, strollers, dogs and even horses. If the 2.7 miles doesn’t give you enough of a workout in the thin Mile High air, two overlooks extend the hike to 3.9 miles in total.

Pristine Views

While this trail may be rated as relatively easy compared to many Colorado hikes, the views cannot be beat. When you consider the trailhead is just a few miles from the heart of downtown, the overlooks you enjoy from the trail are even more breathtaking. Look to the north to see the Denver skyline; check the west for a glorious view of the Front Range. Take the trail in early morning or evening hours to get a colorful view of sunrises and sunsets you can only appreciate in Colorado.

While hiking is a popular pastime in Colorado, outdoor enthusiasts that call the colorful state home also have a vested interest in looking as good as they feel. Plastic surgery helps Coloradoan preserve the vitality and vibrancy of their youth, while addressing a host of specific aesthetic concerns. At Millard Plastic Surgery, we specialize in cosmetic procedures that provide a natural Western beauty that fits in well with the backdrop of the majestic Rocky Mountains. To learn more about the plastic surgery procedures available at Millard Plastic Surgery, contact our office at 303-792-5665.

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