Sculpt a Sleeker Neck with 4D Vaser Hi Def Liposculpture

The neck and jawline are often the first places to show the signs of aging for both men and women. Isolated pockets of fat can develop under the chin, giving the “double chin” look and diminishing the youthful definition of the jawline. To correct this problem, Dr. John Millard has developed a revolutionary technique in liposculpture and fat transfer that gently removes fat deposits from underneath the chin and injects them along the jawline for a younger facial profile.

Introducing Vaser Technology

Vaser incorporates ultrasound technology into the fat removal process to make the procedure less invasive and traumatic. Ultrasound energy gently breaks up adipose fat, making it easier to extract without damaging surrounding skin and tissue. The result is natural sculpting with minimal bruising, bleeding and downtime after the procedure.

Taking Fat Extraction to the Next Level

Dr. Millard has taken the fat extraction process to the next level by creating innovative tools to perform fat removal more effectively. He designed special cannulas to be more visible through ultrasound imaging and minimize trauma to surrounding tissue and vessels. This can be particularly helpful in smaller, more delicate areas like the neck, since post-procedural bruising is lessened.

Fat Grafting Adds Youthful Volume

Once adipose fat is removed from underneath the chin, it can be harvested and prepared for injection into other areas of the face requiring extra volume. The cheeks and jawline are two of the most common areas to receive fat injections. Ultrasound technology can also be used during the fat grafting procedure to enhance precision of the injections and prevent damage to blood vessels in the area.

Dr. Millard likens the fat grafting process to an artist using clay to sculpt masterpieces. He has successfully used his techniques, expertise and philosophy to achieve excellent body contouring results and has now turned his focus to shaping the facial contour with the same adeptness. With a thorough understanding of the intricacies and angles of facial anatomy, Dr. Millard can effectively sculpt a profile that is both natural and beautiful.

Long-Lasting Results

Fat extraction and grafting are both procedures that offer long-lasting, even permanent results. Of course, the effects of aging and gravity may once again take their toll over time, and patients may require touch-ups or additional procedures to maintain the same excellent results. The duration of results depend on many factors, including the patient’s lifestyle habits, overall health and genetics.

You don’t have to settle for a changing neck and jawline that make you look older than you feel. Vaser Hi Definition liposuction may be the right procedure for eliminating those excess pockets of fat and transferring them to other areas of the face to create a more youthful appearance. To learn more about this revolutionary procedure, contact Millard Plastic Surgery at 303-792-5665.

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