Art & Technology Combine In 4D VASER Hi Def

art-meets-surgeryAfter years of research, I am proud to announce the development of the newest advancement in liposcuplture technique: 4D VASER Hi Def.  Building on the principles of 3-dimensional body sculpting, 4D VASER Hi Def incorporates several new and significant artistic, anatomical and surgical innovations.

This new technique takes into account a much more sophisticated approach to fatty and connective tissue anatomy and its relationship with the underlying musculature.  It has long been theorized that fatty tissue was one continuous structure.  But recent studies conducted by a board of experts (that I was a part of) have found that fatty tissue is actually compartmentalized throughout the body.  It is using the in-depth understanding of the relationship between the adipose and connective tissue with the underlying musculature that truly sets 4D VASER Hi Def apart.

4D VASER Hi Def has truly advanced liposculpting technique using combination of liposculpting and autologous fat grafting (AFT) under ultrasound guidance in both the muscle and superficial fat compartments, taking into account the relationship of fat, connective tissue and muscular movement, youthful fullness and shape over every portion of the muscle “form.”

To help ensure the most accurate procedure, we also incorporate the use of unique lighting and muscular contraction protocol to better understand the unique shape each muscle takes during contraction and relaxation.  During this process, each of the body’s curves is mapped for its length, tilt and curvature. This helps the sculpting surgeon learn how to best accentuate the body’s natural movements.

4D VASER Hi Def also introduces my new technique known as the “Compression Coupling Technique,” which accomplishes the following:

  • Significant reduction in postoperative pain, swelling and bruising; many patients are requiring virtually no pain medication postoperatively , even when an entire circumferential torso is being sculpted.
  • Reduction of VASER time on most cases by 50%
  • Reduction of Aspiration times by at least 50%, sometimes even more!

4D VASER Hi Def truly is the future of liposculpting.  If this procedure interests you and you would like to learn more, please call my offices today at 303.792.5665 to schedule your risk-free consultation!

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