5 Facts about Fat Transfer You Need to Know

Fat transfer has become the new method of body contouring and for good reason. This procedure offers numerous benefits over other body sculpting procedures, such as synthetic implants. If you are interested in enhancing your body profile, there are a few basic facts about fat transfer you need to know.

Offers Double Benefits

Fat transfer offers a dual benefit. First, fat is removed from one area of the body, resulting in a smoother, leaner contour in that area. Once the fat is harvested and purified, it is injected into another area in need of additional volume and curves. The ability to reduce one area while augmenting another can provide dramatic, proportionate results over other methods of body contouring that only provide one or the other.

Provides Natural Body Sculpting

The patient’s own fat cells are placed into the area in need of enhancement, rather than synthetic implant devices. This technique leads to a natural look and feel of the augmented area. Because it is the patient’s own cells that are re-introduced back into the body, there is no risk of rejection and a much lower risk of infection.

Leaves No Visible Scarring

Using implants to change the contour of the face or body requires an incision to put the implant in place. This incision will lead to visible scarring, which is usually placed in areas that are less likely to be seen easily. However, injections of fat offer superior results, because you have much more control of the artistic shape you are sculpting into a given body part.  Results are without any visible scarring afterward, making this a good option for patients concerned about post-operative scars.

Can be Used in a Variety of Areas

Augmentation with implants is generally restricted to areas for which implants have been created. However fat transfer can be used on nearly any area of the body, offering greater precision and better results in all types of body contouring procedure. In addition, fat can be removed from nearly any area that is interfering with the patient’s overall body profile.

Offers Long-Lasting Results

Fat transfer, like synthetic implants, offers long-lasting, even permanent results. It is expected that a percentage of fat cells transferred will be reabsorbed by the body, but an experienced surgeon knows that and will adjust injections accordingly. In addition, the area where fat was removed will also reap permanent body contouring results, as long as a healthy weight is maintained after the procedure.

When it comes to body sculpting using fat transfer, Dr. John Millard is an expert in his field. After pioneering numerous techniques and tools to make the process more comfortable and effective, Dr. Millard now shares his knowledge and experience with other plastic surgeons across the country and around the world. To learn more about Dr. Millard’s innovative body contouring techniques, contact Millard Plastic Surgery at 303-792-5665.

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